Bridges and narrow streets, churches brimming with masterpieces, unusual museums and secret gardens: every corner of Venice never ceases to amaze! Here are five lesser-known places to discover around the city, to keep in mind for a future visit.
1. Calle Varisco, in the Cannaregio district, is the narrowest calle in Venice, the entrance is only 53 centimetres! Explore Cannaregio on a walking tour.
2. The Church of San Pantalon boasts a ceiling with the largest painting on canvas in the world, depicting the martyrdom and glory of San Pantalon, by Giovanni Antonio Fumiani. Read the guide to the works of the church.
3. As early as the 16th century, the Museum of Palazzo Grimani was already a house-museum famous all over Europe for its rich collection of antiques. Discover the Tribuna of Palazzo Grimani on a virtual tour.
4. The Ponte dei Pugni, in Dorsoduro, was the preferred battlefield of Castellani and Nicolotti, two rival factions that fought in battles on the bridges of the city to make their adversaries fall into the water. Explore Dorsoduro on a walking tour.
5. The organic garden of the women's prison at Giudecca (once a convent of nuns) produces vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs used in cosmetic products that can be purchased every Thursday morning from 9 a.m. at the stand set up in front of the prison entrance. Discover the prison garden.